Through academic and industry-oriented projects, I have had the chance to use different research and documentation methods to arrive at insights and questions. These have been about environmental and social sustainability, spatial and political form and tools of engagement.

Timeline of projects.


2018: Wrote a paper on the social and spatial dimensions of the culture of making and eating Gelato in Naples, Italy.


2018: Made an interdisciplinary group research project on how the practice of 'Territorial Stigma' has been catalyzing the housing regeneration processes in Thamesmead in London.


2017: Undertook a research project about the developments in the displacement of artisanal communities from Kathputli colony, Delhi from the theoretical lens of anthropologist Arjun Appadurai.

2013-2016: Made live-notes at the Annual DesignxDesign Roundtables at Alliance Francaise, Delhi. 


2014: Worked as part of a transnational team on the evaluation of the

water crisis in Dwarka, Delhi with a key role in stakeholder engagement and documentation at arch i platform.

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2014: Led projects on research and representation for illustrative maps

for Landour, Uttarakhand, and Harike, Punjab at arch i platform.

2013: Undergraduate Thesis- Proposal for a Heritage Resource Centre in Old Delhi to document & disseminate information about tangible & intangible heritage.

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2013: Undertook group research on Mohallas (neighborhoods) in Old Delhi as Complex Adaptive Systems- questioning the role of the architect in self-organized organized settings. 

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2011: Made a design proposal for socially and economically inclusive housing in Delhi after a preliminary study on the evolution of squatter settlements. 

2010: Student design competition entry for the ecological and social renewal of a waterbody in an urban village in Delhi.

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2010-2015: Travel Diaries with drawings and text have been an exciting way for me to engage with the places I've had the chance to visit. 

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