Live Sketchnotes

from DesignxDesign

Delhi 2013-17

I volunteered to be on the core team for DesignxDesign for four years. It is one of India’s leading platforms that has organized talks, roundtable discussions and exhibitions on design in Delhi since 2010. For a year, I managed lights from the light console for their talks, and for two years, I was part of the curatorial team for the Annual DesignxDesign 20under35 Exhibition that featured the work of twenty promising young designers under the age of thirty-five from across the country.


Since 2014, I also took charge to make live sketchnotes at the Annual DesignxDesign Roundtable. Year after year, based on the theme of the roundtable, my notetaking style changed a little bit. But consistently, the intention has been to capture the mood of the conversation in a visually compelling manner for audiences after the event. From the perspective of documenting an event as it is happening, I need to listen to information, process it, compose it, and letter it; all of this simultaneously without making spelling mistakes. Despite the physical and mental exhaustion that the process causes, I find it endlessly exciting!

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