Heritage Resource Center, 

Old Delhi

Delhi, 2012

This project was undertaken for my undergraduate thesis at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.  This project emerged out of our seminar in Old Delhi that questioned the role of the (external) designer in working with self organized environments. The question was about how existing heritage areas can be revitalized by adding catalysts most effectively. New architectural interventions in such settings can interpret and apply traditional frameworks of habitat and help local people recognise the potential and value of their own heritage. This would trigger a wave of self initiated regeneration among the locals.


The thesis proposed the making of a heritage resource centre, for the old city, that acts as a link between the locals and visitors. This mixed use development shall document and disseminate information about the built and living heritage of Old Delhi and provide space for training and collaboration with the world outside. The open space program was developed to be of diverse use, nature and scales to work with the built program. The existing parking lot on the site is reworked as an underground multilevel automated parking space accommodating twice the number of vehicles.

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