Smokehouse Deli,

Khan Market, Delhi

Delhi 2012

I did this project in partnership with Vani Sood. We assisted graphic designer Kriti Monga of Turmeric Design on the interior illustrations; in the research for references, drawing the architectural elements, and the management of volunteers through the course of the project. A casual dining European restaurant and delicatessen, Smokehouse Deli is particularly remembered because of its interiors that are hand drawn with markers on white walls.


The intention was to make the guests experience the feeling of dining inside a sketchbook. Several layers of information were dug out about the story of Khan Market, one of the most expensive marketplaces in India today that once had homes on the first floor that were allotted to migrants from the partition. We researched about the architecture, furniture, window dressing, fabrics, upholstery, wallpapers and objects reminiscent of the 1950-60s as well as discussed the broad conceptual anchors of the different sections of the restaurant. So we were architectural consultants to the graphic designer (or so I would keep thinking back when this project was done). This drawing work became the base for Kriti’s beautifully hand lettered quotes and Reshu’s drawings of animal and plant life.

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