Through a diverse range of project types, I have had the opportunity to explore strategic questions about the present and future of the city. These inquiries have been specifically geared towards exploring the possibilities in regulating technological disruptions, enabling resilience in material & natural resources,

and finding new ways of public engagement. 

Timeline of projects.


2018: Represented the LSE Cities Programme at the Norman Foster Foundation Workshop- On Cities in Madrid mentored by Prof. Kent Larson of MIT Media Lab

2018: Dissertation on Platform Economies & the City- the case of Airbnb in London


2017: Led project at Sensing Local for the strategic urban planning of a park at the edge of the city and the hinterland.

2017: Led project at Sensing Local on making a framework for assessing vulnerability in squatter settlements in urban India. The intention was to create strategic safety nets that can help minimise damage before calamity struck. 

2016: Curated the first two editions of India's largest walking tour festival, supported by the Delhi Government. With over 50 walk experts, the festival spanned several themes about finding new ways of engaging with the city.   

2015: Created a fundraiser for re-building homes in rural Nepal after the earthquake by selling limited edition art prints & postcards of travel drawings.

2014: Led project on the co-creation for the Water Actions Card Game with secondary school students in Delhi 

2014: Conceived and executed a public art and engagement project in Delhi about water use and conservation. Writing with Umbrellas in Public Space.

2011: Assisted Artist Waqif in documenting and executing a public art and pedagogy project around plastic waste and consumption culture among tourists coming to a Hindu pilgrimage spot- Badrinath. 

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