Water in Dwarka 

DELHi 2050

Delhi, 2013-14

I worked on this urbanism project while employed as an architect at arch i platform.


Conceived in the early 1990s, Dwarka is one of the most recent planned sub-cities of Delhi located close to the Delhi airport. Designed to accommodate one million residents, it presently holds only about half a million people. In spite of the rapid growth in the rest of the Delhi metropolitan area, development does not come off the ground in Dwarka. This is caused by the combination of speculation with middle-class housing, and the severe water shortages. There is an inter-state dispute of water supply and the use of groundwater is banned because of its dangerously high salinity. Residents in apartment blocks still, however, resort to digging bore wells or get water at exorbitant rates from the illegal water tanker supply market. It is clear that, without a solution to the water problem, Dwarka will never recuperate from its looming urban crisis.


DELHi 2050 Step 6.1 Water in Dwarka was initiated by arch i platform, New Delhi in collaboration with One Architecture, Amsterdam and Studio Makkink & Bey, Rotterdam, supported by the Stimuleringfonds and the Dutch Embassy. The project was to conduct and communicate research on the urban water issues of Dwarka to find solutions at the Urban, Societal and Individual level. Studies of the water demand and water supply, as well as the existing urban density conditions, were done, to examine how much development can the future development support. Through workshops and meetings with experts, government officials and the residents, primary and secondary research was done and potential solutions were developed for various scales.

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